Two Common Reasons for Denial of Your Social Security Disability Claim

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To many people, the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) process seems inconsistent and confusing. One person who is seriously disabled is denied SSDI while another person with a seemingly less serious disability is approved after their first application.

Every case is unique. An application for SSDI can be denied for reasons that have nothing to do with the extent of the disability. Some people have trouble dealing with paperwork. Others don't supply all the needed documentation.

Insufficient Medical Documentation

It's absolutely essential to have sufficient medical information to support a claim for disability benefits. Unfortunately, many people who would appear to qualify for SSDI haven't seen a doctor regularly for their medical problem. Some people haven't been working for a while and are financially strapped, unable to afford the doctor visits and tests that would prove their case.

Filling out the SSDI paperwork for a patient takes time. Many physicians are so busy that they would rather not be bothered, especially for someone they haven't treated previously. Also, some doctors aren't familiar with SSDI and don't realize what information the examiner will be looking for.

However it must be accomplished, medical documentation must be acquired. It might be necessary to visit free clinics or find physicians who will treat you on a sliding-scale basis. Even trips to the emergency room can supply medical evidence of the disability.

If you haven't seen a doctor recently, the Social Security claims examiner may send you to a doctor hired by Social Security for a consultative medical exam. These exams are usually very brief and a poor substitute for a medical opinion provided by an impartial doctor with their patient's best interests at heart.

The Medical Disability Won't Last Long Enough

In order to qualify for benefits, the applicant's disability must be severe enough to last for at least a year or result in death. People with bone fractures after an accident are often denied because that type of injury usually heals in less than a year.

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